Hermanís Boy, Inc.

The Cookery Nook

Kitchen Gadgets

We have a large variety of kitchen gadgets and utensils to make your cooking and baking a little easier. We have a lot of hard to find gadgets as well. Check out all of our kitchen items at the store, such as pizza stones, bakeware, strainers, peelers, spiral cutters, salt & pepper shakers, and so much more!

Rada Knives

We carry a huge selection of Rada Knives and Cutlery. These knives have a hard, stainless steel blade that stands up to whatever you have to cut, chop, or peel. They have a special sharpener just for their blades that only costs $6.95! These knives stay sharper longer and are very fairly priced.

Capresso Coffee Makers

We carry only one brand of coffee makers, the Capresso line. This line is extremely well made, and include a charcoal water filter. They have a year warranty and are a very easy company to work with. See store for varieties and pricing.

Lodge Cookware

We offer a variety of styles and sizes of Lodge Cookware. These pans and dutch ovens are cast iron, precoated and seasoned. They are great on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, and over the fire. Call or stop in for sizes and styles.

Oxo/Good Grips

The Oxo brand has a line of utensils called Good Grips. These utensils have a thicker handle that allow for better grip and hand support. The line was originally developed for people with arthritis and make for easy use. They are durable and well made, and include items such as can openers, spatulas, dish brushes, jar openers, zesters, and more. Check them out in the store!


We offer a HUGE selection of ceramic and stainless steel mugs and travel mugs. We have a lot of the local college and professional teams, animal themes, funny mugs, and more.