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The O’Fudge Confectionery


The O’Fudge Shoppe was started in downtown Rockford in 1976 by a man who made fudge on Mackinac Island. A few years later, Floyd decided to buy the shoppe and employ the man, who would teach Doug and Heidi how to make the delicious Mackinac Style Fudge. Since then, we have added hand dipped chocolates, cinnamon roasted almonds done in a German nut roaster, truffles for Valentines, and Easter chocolates.

Hand-dipped Chocolates

Dark Milk Chocolate Cherry Clusters  $10.00lb Dark Milk Chocolate Peanut Clusters  $10.00lb Dark Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters $10.00lb Dark Milk Chocolate Almond Bark       $10.00lb White Chocolate Almond Bark            $10.00lb White Chocolate Coconut Clusters     $10.00lb White Chocolate Cranberry Clusters  $10.00lb Chocolate Carmel Pecan Turtles        $12.00lb Milk Chocolate Sea Foam          $10.00lb Dark Chocolate Malt Balls    $10.00lb

Mackinac Style Fudge

All Fudge is $10.00lb, cut into ½ lb slices. Plain Chocolate Chocolate Walnut Chocolate Pecan Chocolate Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Maple Walnut Vanilla Pecan


Cinnamon Roasted Almonds $14.00lb Cocoa Roasted Almonds $14.00lb Cashews $12.00lb Redskin Peanuts $5.00lb Mixed Nuts $12.00lb White Pine Trail Mix $7.95lb Michigan Dried Fruit Mix $12.00lb

Gummies / Candies

Gummy Bears $3.50lb Gummy Worms $3.50lb Sour Gummy Worms $3.50lb Red Licorice Coins $3.50lb Sour Fruit Slices $3.50lb Creamy Mints $4.00lb
Our fudge is made in a copper kettle, then cooled and formed on 500lb marble tables.

Candy Trays available!

See our Catering Menu for options and ideas.